Design & Alter is specialised in high quality alterations and made to measure tailoring, ladies wear. With over 25 years of experience the team of highly trained professionals from the tailoring, fashion and fitting industry is providing a comprehensive alteration service to clients to ensure the best fit of clothes, day- or evening wear. It is a choice to look good! 

Our clientele is diverse: Our private clients are passionate about clothes, fit and quality. We alter garments for luxury fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Hermes and support catwalk events of London Fashion shows. The team of D&A ensures the perfect fit for high profile VIP clients who regularly appear on red carpets, on screens and in the pages of fashion magazines. 

‘People will stare. Make it worth their While.’ Harry Winston


Our company

Our specialist team offers highest quality in alterations. We alter clothes and maintain the finish, proportions and detail to keep the integrity of the original garment. Our staff is specialised in suit, jacket and coat alterations. We alter leather and fur garments and our seamstresses are confident in dressmaking and alterations of complex evening wear in embellished fabrics and dress constructions like bodices and corsets. Our team is skilled in couture finishes to maintain the very distinctive couture look of Haute Couture fashion garments.  


Our belief

Perfectly fitted clothes provides you with comfort and confidence. It accentuates on and celebrates your favourite features to show the best of you. We are perfectionists with a thorough sense of attention to detail when it comes to tailoring, alterations, the quality of finishes and the perfect fit of clothes. 

‘Clothes should look and feel as if they are made for you!’ 


Our studios

Visit our studios to find decades of cumulative tailoring experience and creative skills from around the world under two roofs working as a team to make sure you look beautiful, sharp, stylish and professional, whatever the look you are aiming to achieve. 

At D&A Front of House private clients are looked after by experienced fitters who ensure your clothes is fitted well. Once pinned your garments will be collected by our driver to be brought to our tailoring studios located ten-minutes walk away – down the road – also under arches. In the studio workroom managers, tailors and seamstresses will look after your garments: They tailor, alter, sew, adjust, restyle, steam and quality control before your clothes are collected again and delivered back to either Front of House, stores in London or the home of a private client in London. To make sure quality standards are consistent, continuous quality control is in place. 

Welcome to D&A!

Visit our studios to find decades of cumulative tailoring experience and creative skills from around the world all under two roofs.


We are known as one of London’s long established and specialised bridal alteration and tailoring partners. Our clients are brides, our partners are bridal designers and wedding planners. We alter all styles of wedding dresses, fabric types and finishes. For brides who are looking for a very individual bridal look, we tailor bespoke bridal wear, restyle bridal vintage and family heirloom pieces. 

Design & Alter, Alterations and Tailoring, London

High Quality Clothes Alterations, Made-to-Measure, Dressmaking and Vintage Restyling

Design & Alter is one of London’s leading tailoring and alteration service. With over 25 years of experience we have been providing our diverse client base with outstanding expertise in clothing alterations and tailoring that is second to none. We look after Private Clients, London’s leading fashion houses and VIP clients. Stylists and PR Offices trust us with their valuable garments. 

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