You are so Cool


We all eventually come across a little bit of cool in our life, whether it be celebrities in glossy magazines, the extremely cool neighbour opposite or the enigmatic girl on the train. Intriguing, unique and with a depth of self-expression, cool is never about money. 


Being Myself works for Me


Cool is all about embracing oneself, both in attitude and physical appearance. It is about how we act and compose ourselves. Cool is timeless and unrelated to gender, attire or social status. It is about being confident – both owning what differentiates you and appreciating the differences of others – all expressed in your own individual style. Inscrutable and unpredictable are unmistakable traits of being cool. Dressed as cool is often down to some brave decisions, being edgy and experimental – mixing materials, styles and brands can play a vital role. Dressing up, or dressing down. You might well be cooler than you think you are.


Mix things up to add an Edge


  • H&M with Prada
  • Vintage with a modern trend
  • Plaid with stripes
  • Preppy with edgy
  • Masculine with feminine
  • Flirty with fierce
  • Funky with basic
  • Leather with lace
  • Sweet with vampy
  • Uptown with downtown
  • The precious with the not


Decide on your signature piece. Which single garment is central to your look? A leather jacket maybe or a fur coat, a pair of jeans or an eccentric shirt or top? This particular piece needs the perfect fit – the utmost (effortless) care and the most attention to detail. Be helped by the professionals. Book your consultation, phone 020 7498 4360!  

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