Shopping for signature pieces and why you need them … 

clothes alterations


Let us tell you this is not only valid for female shoppers

Are you the type who buys clothes in quantities? Preferably in the sale? Sometimes wondering whether you might ever wear them? Or are you the shopper who is more conscious and selective about each purchase? Are you somebody who makes the most out of his garments and does decide for alterations? 

For many reasons, we at D&A support the more conscious shopping approach. Firstly you get significantly more wear out of your wardrobe because it lasts longer. Secondly you need to go shopping less. Thirdly you are definitely more ethical and environmentally friendly. Fourthly you save space. But most of all you enjoy your clothes much more and care about them. Quality clothes is produced to be worn for a long time outlasting fashion trends rather than being thrown away after one wash or latest one season.

clothes alterations In terms of shopping before you go on the hunt be conscious about what you are looking for: Is it the signature piece which ultimately defines your look? This should always be good quality. It sets the tone for your appearance and will be the garment you will be remembered for; uncompromising and fitting you to perfection. If you are looking out for your basics which are providing the canvas for your look, you can be more flexible and sometimes even buy them in bulk – good variety of preferred colours, necklines and sleeve lengths. Don’t underestimate your accessories, belts, ties, handbags and shoes – they add, compliment and finish your style and mood of the day. 

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