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Appointments: We work by appointment, within which you will be looked after by one of our experienced fitting consultants. You will receive advice on alterations needed to fit your garment well. Afterwards, we provide a price estimate at the end of the fitting for you to decide to proceed with the alteration. Usually, we can offer various solutions to alter your garment; some might save costs. Please ask. 

*Because we aim to alter your clothes to the best fit, please bring your shoes or some with a similar heel height and well-fitted undergarments to your appointment. Fittings are available in our spacious studio or for your convenience at your home address and in hotels and offices in central London. Whatever works best for you.  

Charges: Due to the many styles and finishes, it isn’t easy to provide an estimate on the phone. Firstly, we need to see your garment, the inside construction, and also you wearing it. However, costs for similar alterations may vary, particularly for complex, constructed dresses and heavily detailed designer wear. Our charges, alterations and fittings, are based on the time at a rate of £72 per hour. 


Alterations for Burberry

Burberry alterations for a perfect fit

For Burberry alterations and designer clothing, Design & Alter offers unmatched quality and attention to detail. We bring over 30 years of expertise tailoring alterations that equal the excellence of the original pieces, which are known for their classic British heritage and enduring, elegant designs. We promise that your wardrobe will reflect the epitome of luxury and style with Burberry.

The Burberry check

A tartan design first used as a fabric lining in their raincoats in the 1920s, it later evolved to be emblematic of the Burberry’s heritage, and a symbol of British fashion. Today they incorporate the check pattern into all their ranges.

Alterations precisely tailored for Burberry

Originally designed for military use during World War I, the trench coat soon became a fashion staple, coveted for its functionality and enduring style. If you are a fan of Burberry’s iconic trench coats or one of their new-season pieces, our precision tailoring guarantees your Burberry pieces will fit you perfectly, maintaining the finish and original look.

Our skilled tailors and fitting consultants are dedicated to giving you a personalised service for your new, pre-loved or vintage Burberry, whether at our studio in Battersea or through home fittings in central London. Have professional Burberry alterations tailored to you by booking your appointment today.

Book your appointment today, whether you would like to visit our studio, or have us come to your home or office address – choose what suits you best.


Burberry Alterations: Burberry coat alterations – Burberry jacket alterations – vintage Burberry alterations 


Flagship Store Burberry, 121 Regent Street, London W1B 4HT

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