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Appointments: We work by appointment, where you will be looked after by one of our fitting consultants. We will discuss the alterations required to achieve the best fit for your garment. At the end of the fitting, we provide a cost estimate so you can decide whether to proceed with the alterations. We can suggest various solutions to alter your garment, some of which may help save on costs.

Please be reminded to bring your shoes to your appointment, to ensure we get the best possible fit.

Charges: We need to see your garment, understand its construction, and how it fits you, to provide you with a realistic price estimate. Alterations costs may vary, particularly for complex, constructed dresses and heavily detailed designer wear. We charge £72 per hour for alterations and fitting appointments.

If it is your first time using us, you will receive 30 minutes free fitting time, to introduce you to our outstanding tailoring quality.


Chanel dress alterations

Chanel Alterations 

We are experts in garment alterations. At Design & Alter, we believe in high quality and are conscious of our responsibility altering timeless Chanel fashion. We maintain the original finish, style and proportions to keep the integrity of the original.


Timeless Chanel – Vintage Chanel

The elegant Chanel garments will never go out of fashion. We have clients who love Chanel and buy new and iconic Chanel vintage pieces on luxury second-hand platforms. We offer Chanel and vintage alterations.


Coco Chanel 

Iconic Coco Chanel was revolutionary in her take on ladies’ fashion in her time. Her pragmatic vision and timeless designs are based on a harmonious silhouette, elegance, comfort, simplicity, and style. At a time when it was uncommon for women to take the lead, Coco’s designs express equality and emancipation. Coco Chanel established the first ready–to–wear collections for women who could not afford couture. Her social circle of VIPs helped promote Chanel’s popular tweed suits and brought the brand to the broader public’s attention.



Book your appointment today, whether you would like to visit our studio, or have us come to your home of office address – choose what suits you best. Use the contact form below to book your appointment. 


Chanel jacket alteration

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Chanel Flagship Store, 158 – 159 New Bond Street 



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