The Art of Fitting 

We regularly get asked the question: “What in fact is the difference between a fitter and a tailor?”

In your clothes fitting appointment you will be looked after by one of our experienced fitting consultants. They will take your measurements and advise you on possible alterations. How can your clothes be altered to fit you perfectly. Our tailors will then look after your garments in our workroom unpicking, cutting, tailoring and sewing, applying agreed alterations. 

A tailor does not necessarily need to be a fitter but a fitter needs to be a tailor and much more than that. In addition a fitting consultant needs to be equipped with a serious skill-set. Not only having a thorough understanding of fabrics, styles and garment construction but also being inventive in finding solutions. They need to have good people and communication skills and confidence in calculating alteration charges. However, they need to have an eye for the attention to detail when it comes the perfect fit of clothes, the difference in body shapes and garments styles.

Clothes Fitting consultation  Clothes Fitting consultation

In your Clothes Fitting Consultation

In your fitting consultation, please make sure you let your fitter know what you are aiming to achieve. What is the difference the alteration is supposed to make for you? Clothing alterations can be pricy and if you feel it might exceed your budget your fitter can consult you on priorities for your alterations. In most cases it still can make a significant difference in how your garment fits you. 

bridal fitt temi crop_8438At D&A experienced fitters are consulting clients on their wardrobe. How to individualise and customise suits, dresses, evening wear, designer, work clothes and bridal wear. They discuss options of re-styling and alterations and how to update valuable vintage garments. Fitters regularly need to find solutions to make the impossible possible by adjusting wardrobe items that are not the appropriate shape or size for a client. 

If you should ever be tempted by bargain buys (especially ones that vary from your usual size by more than two) it is recommended to talk to a fitter beforehand. The perfect fit can be pricy and in some instances higher than the cost of purchase. 

After your fitting appointment you will be provided with an estimate which will be based on tailoring time. Depending on how long it will take our tailor to do the work on your garment charges can vary. If you feel the alteration charges will exceed your budget, please do discuss with your fitting consultant if some alteration steps can be spared to reduce costs. 

To find out more about fitting appointments, please do call us on 020 7498 4360 or email reception@designandalter.com 


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