The Art of Fitting 

What is the difference between a fitter and a tailor?

In your fitting appointment you will be looked after by one of our experienced fitting consultants. She will take your measurements and advise you on possible alterations and how we can alter your clothes perfectly. Your garments will then go to our workroom. In the meantime your fitter has written an electronic docket to specify the alterations. Specialised tailors then look after your garments in our workroom. They clarify the alterations with one of our workroom managers, unpick, measure, cut, tailor, sew, and finish the alterations. Each garment will then be quality controlled twice to make sure instructions for the alterations have been followed precisely. 

Where as a tailor does not need to be able to fit garments, a fitter however, needs to have a clear understanding of the garment’s construction and what the tailor needs to do with the client’s interest in mind. 


A fitting consultant needs to be equipped with a wide skill-set. Not only does she need to have a thorough understanding of garment constructions and fabric, she also requires creativity and is asked to be inventive to find suitable solutions for the client. Each step needs attention to detail, an understanding of body shapes and dress styles to perfect the fit.  

Communication Skills

A fitter needs to have good people and communication skills to provide a good customer service. Fitting situations can be delicate and demand professionalism and confidence. 

Clothes Fitting consultation  Clothes Fitting consultation

In your Fitting Consultation

At D&A experienced fitters are consulting clients on their wardrobe. Please ensure you let your fitting consultant know what you are aiming to achieve with the alterations. Depending on how extensive the alterations are, charges can vary. If you feel it might exceed your budget, your fitter can advise you and offer less pricy solutions by prioritising alterations. 

bridal fitt temi crop_8438Our fitters can help you to customise your suits and dresses, your evening wear, designer and your formal work clothes. They discuss options of re-styling and alterations and how to repair, and update valuable vintage garments. We have a specialised department for bridal alterations and bespoke bridal wear. More info: Bride & Alter 

Should you be tempted to buy a bargain, please call us and ask for advice before you purchase. Alteration costs can be high, in particular when a garment is more than two sizes bigger or smaller than your normal dress size.  

Our fitters look after you in our studios, in your home environment and hotels for more convenience. 

To find out more about fitting appointments, call  020 7498 4360 or email reception@designandalter.com 


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