Repair or Replace


“A touch of humour and a bit of disrespect; that’s what a legend needs to survive.”

Karl Lagerfeld

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This particular pair of A.P.C.s (Atelier de Production et de Création) was more than important for the owner. He had bought them many years ago and vividly remembered the circumstances in Japan with his ‘now partner’. It was the second time they needed significant repairing. However, the owner spared no effort to save them and embraced the rugged, worn-in-comfort look, turned it into a feature of his current signature style. He mentioned that people approached him and asked where he had bought ‘this unique and unusual pair of jeans’. 

What is your opinion? The decision to repair a garment is not necessarily related to the value of a garment. Do you have a garment that you would spend more money on for the alterations that it is worth? 

Bearing in mind that the clothes industry today puts enormous pressure on resources by being the second-highest user of water. It heavily pollutes the environment by producing 10% of global carbon emissions. When then fashion brands decide to protect their brands’ exclusivity by filling land mines and burn their overproduced collections, resources seem to be wasted for the sake of nothing. 

We would like to encourage you to double-check your clothes before you throw them away, in particular, your favourites and signature pieces. They can often be repaired, restyled and revamped. Repairs can be turned into new features and inspire your look. Two of our talented tailors have a passion for repairing garments wonderfully. We have seen some astonishing results! If you would like to discuss more detail, please call – 020 7498 4360.