Whether you have changed or fashion has, our fitters and tailors are poised to make sure your look is as contemporary, classic or unique as you want it to be.

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redesignRe-style signature pieces

Do you have signature pieces you wish you could still wear? We can update vintage, ill-fitting or outdated items to ensure your style is timeless. This can be a jacket, a coat, a dress or a suit you might have inherited.

Transform much-loved items

Do you own an item you would love to transform into something new? From creating a new neckline to reinventing the cut of a coat, we can help bring your signature garments back to life!

restyling and vintage alterations Re-imagine your look

Looking for a complete wardrobe overhaul? From re-invention to subtle refinement, our bespoke style management consultations are here to help you fashion your perfect look.


A few words on re-styling

Together with you, we will discuss your garment, the style, the context, the options available and how your item can be enhanced, updated or restyled. Turning a dress into a skirt, exchanging a bodice, adding fur or leather collars and cuffs, are regular restyling efforts we do. A garment you love for sentimental, emotional or monetary reasons can be reinvigorated and updated, turned into an exciting garment for you to enjoy again.

Initial Consultation 

You will bring your selected garment; if you have any visuals of ideas, fabric swatches, please do bring them too. You will share your vision with our team, and we will work together, exploring possibilities to come up with a sketch drawing. Once we have found the right style, we will take your measurements and start tailoring.

Making your garment

Restyling can often follow similar steps to those for a made to measure garment. For example, choosing fabrics, making a pattern, sewing a toile and having tack fittings to perfect and finesse your garment. 


Your involvement

One of our aims is for you to enjoy the creative journey as much as we do and therefore, we ask you please get involved – we will assist, inspire and advise you so that you make the right decisions so we can execute the project perfectly for you.



Details and polishing touch

This happens in one of the last fittings where the smallest little details are double checked and approved to perfect the look. Remember the choice of the right buttons, zips and buckles can very much enhance the look of your garment


For more information about our restyling tailoring service, please call or send us an email. As a starting point forward us a visual of your garment and let us know about your restyling ideas. 

Give us a call or send us an email to arrange your appointment to discuss options – getting advice by our experienced and knowledgable fitting consultants.

Phone: 020 7498 4360
Email: info@designandalter.com

Clothes Restyling and Vintage Alterations, London

Instead of buying new clothes, bring your old favourites and signature pieces back to life – we can re-style and update your wardrobe or just bring neglected garments back into use. With 20 in-house staff on hand including clothing and alteration specialists, fitters and tailors – we have all the expertise and experience to carry out specialist clothing alterations, re-designs and re-invention to advise you and give you the look you want.

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