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The better it fits the better it looks. So whether you have bought a new favourite, dropped a hem or a few pounds, our alteration service is here to help – we always aim to maintain the original finish – we are the specialists. Clothes should look and feel as if they are made just for you.

From silk shirts to leather and fur jackets, beaded evening dresses to lace ball gowns, our tailors are skilled in every fabric and any style. And, from the length of your skirt to the break in your trouser leg, we know just how good a perfect fit makes you look.

Give us a call or drop us an email to arrange your fitting appointment – we promise to look after your favourite clothes as well as after you.
Phone: 020 7498 4360
Email: info@designandalter.com


Book an appointment

You can either come to our studios in Battersea using our comfortable fitting rooms – or we can come to you – attending your home or place of work whichever is more convenient for you.

During your appointment

We listen to you and then provide advice and options – alteration and sometimes re-styling is necessary to achieve the perfect fit – a unique opportunity for you to ask our knowledgable fitters any questions regarding your garments and wardrobe contents. We offer tailoring solutions and an estimate of tailoring costs for you to decide whether to go ahead. This expert consultation is chargeable.

Collecting your item

Our standard turnaround time for alterations is five to seven working days and eight to twelve weeks for bridal wear – although we will always do what we can to meet your deadline. You can collect your garment in person trying it on one more time making sure it fits perfectly or we can send it by recorded delivery.

In a Hurry?

In a particular hurry or working to a tight deadline? Ask us about our express service, sometimes free or with a 25% premium, depending on workload and the time of year.


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Our team of highly experienced consultants, fitters and tailors carries out:

  • Dress alterations – all types of dress alterations including couture finishes
  • Evening dress alterations – including beaded fabrics and couture finishes
  • Suit alterations – taking in waist – shortening sleeves and trouser hems including working button hole/hand finished
  • Trouser alterations – taking in waist – tapering legs – shortening – range of finishes
  • Jeans alterations and shortening – various finishes available – top stitch, original and antiqued hem finish
  • Jacket alterations – taking in – shortening sleeves – narrow shoulders
  • Coat alterations – taking in – changing collar – shortening sleeves – narrowing shoulders
  • Shirt alterations – shortening – taking in waist
  • Garment alterations – clothes alterations – clothing alterations
  • Fur alterations – all type of fur alterations – coat – jacket alterations
  • Suede and leather alterations – leather jackets – leather trousers – leather coats
  • Clothes alterations – designer alterations – clothing alterations

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