Space counts

There must be room in your wardrobe for everything to hang properly. There should be space for long dresses and for trousers to hang upside down, as well as space for shorter items.

Stick with the season

To get the most from your space, think seasonally. If your wardrobe is small, pack all your summer stuff away in boxes underneath the bed. Wrap everything in acid-free tissue and add lavender or cedar balls to repel months. Remember to wash everything beforehand, because moths love a bit of grime.

Hang it lose

Wire hangers – the kind dry cleaners use – are a no-no, as they can damage clothes. ‘Black plastic hangers with velveteen shoulders allow you pack more in your wardrobe and nothing will fall off.’

Bite the bullet

Every item must be assessed by the following criteria:

Have you worn it in the last six months? If not, why not?

  • If it’s out of fashion or no longer fits, it goes in the charity pile.
  • If it needs altering or mending, find an alteration service to do it.
  • If it’s the wrong season, pack it away until you need it.

If you have worn it in the last six months:

  • Keep it. Hang it up (but remember Julia’s hanger specifications!).
  • Put clothes that you wear regularly to the front, within easy reach.
  • Sort and store shoes so that you can see them, in see-through boxes or with Polaroids on the side of the box.

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