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Design & Alter has been the alteration specialist in London for almost 30 years with a professional team of tailors, seamstresses and fitters. We are proud to call long-established fashion houses in London our commercial clients. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Prada to name a few of them.

Our experienced and professional jacket tailors shorten sleeves from the cuff and shoulders, take-in sides of jackets and coats and centre backs. They shorten trousers and are skilled in applying high-quality designer finishes. Amongst our team are specialists in leather and fur/fake fur alterations. Nevertheless, tailoring and alterations of complex garments whether they are high-end fashion, evening wear, delicate fabrics or complex dress construction are our strengths and we feel truly passionate about them.  



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We offer high-quality alterations maintaining the original finish, proportions and detailing following brand requirements. Free shop fittings and fitting training for sales assistants to establish confidence in sales situations with your customers are part of our service package. Our collection and drop-off service cover the centre of London twice a day. Quick express turnaround times are available as long as workload allows. We are keen and flexible to work towards your and your clients’ requests.  

VIP support: Our experienced team of fitters, tailors and seamstresses regularly works for high fashion brands and deadline challenged PR offices. We regularly alter and tailor for fashion shows, film premieres, BAFTA awards and high calibre events in London. D&A supported Gucci, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Vampire’s Wife for the ‘Fashion Awards in partnership with Swarovski’ at the Royal Albert Festival Hall. To find out more, please visit VIP Service 

Services for Stores & Commercial Clients

  • High quality alteration and tailoring service
  • Maintaining original finish, look, proportions of designer garments 
  • Price list tailored to shop requirements
  • Consistent quality control
  • Free pick-up/delivery in central London
  • Express service on request
  • Helpline support service/D&A opening times 
  • Shop fittings in store by appointment
  • Shop staff training in basic fitting and alterations to support sales staff
  • Walk through new collections discussing potential alteration options and charges
  • Discreet VIP Service 


Are you interested in finding out more about our commercial services? Please email us – reception@designandalter.com  

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