Have you heard of ReTweed? 

Design & Alter supports an inspiring award winning initiative in Scotland



ReTweed, based in Eyemouth, is an award-winning social enterprise supporting women on the Scottish border. In a safe environment, women, often vulnerable, participate in training courses and workshops on creative sewing. The initiative encourages women to look into a more hopeful, brighter future by empowering them with knowledge and new skills to build confidence. 

The ReTweed scheme offers a 12-week program with career and enterprise development support to understand the basics of using a sewing machine, making patchwork, crochet and appliqué and even upholstery. Creativity is contagious.  Course dates 

By up-cycling donated fabrics and turning them into lovable presents like cushions, purses, bags, ties, and many others, mostly following their designs, ReTweed contributes to a circular economy. 

When the social initiative ReTweed had booked a workshop with D&A, the team was looking for sewing ideas for sellable items to support the social initiative’s funding. So in a day’s workshop, Amanda, D&A Senior Tailor, demonstrated to a small team of ReTweed trainers how to tailor a tie and provided them with a step-by-step guide document to take home and pass on the instructions to students. 


 ‘We really enjoyed the session and learnt a lot! It was great working together and finding solutions. We loved the D&A workroom experience.’ 


Design & Alter supports ReTweed by donating fabrics, haberdashery and, in this instance, sharing tailoring knowledge. To help and spread the word about ReTweed we have commissioned designed purses for D&A clients. If you are interested in finding out more about this inspiring project and supporting ReTweed’s initiative, please visit the website: www.retweed.com


Christmas 2019: Thistle purse for D&A clients to support the initiative. 

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