The Difference a Tailor can make

Nowadays fashion is short lived and tailoring of bespoke garments becomes the exception. Companies manufacture everyday-clothes off overseas by cheap labour. Therefore, alteration charges in relation to the cost of clothes are sometimes difficult to justify. ‘Is it really worth it to have these trousers altered perfectly? How much can it cost?’ Consequently these type arguments benefit quick repair and small budget tailoring shops.  

Equally we are becoming more aware of consuming and making more conscious decisions about what we buy. Buying sustainable and higher quality products where production processes are better monitored and less damaging to our planet. They tend to last longer. The beauty of ‘classics’ is that they often turn more beautiful with age. This can be a leather jacket, a cashmere blazer, a signature coat or any quality item you love and enjoy wearing. This in itself should be a reason to think about tailoring and apply the perfect fit. Alterations and tailoring can truly lift the look of certain key items of your wardrobe. 

Reasons for Tailoring & Alterations 

Uniquely yours – we can turn a ready-to-wear garment into a one-off.

The best of you – your shape and proportions – look inside your wardrobe – ask yourself why there garments you have not worn at all. You probably know why – they just do not make you feel good. Is it they just don’t fit?

The key to success – the knock-on-effect of kicking out or re-vamping ill-fitted clothes is success. Your professional tailor, the magician, can ensure you look fantastic – an immediate boost of confidence and self-assurance.

Value over time – clothes that fit well and flatter will become favourites and be worn frequently. Make your wardrobe more effective – create favourites and signature pieces and ‘everyday’ clothes.

Discover your style – by re-styling vintage or inherited pieces – if you wait long enough each era returns, generally in a cycle of 20 years, but always with slight changes applied which your consultant tailor can advise you on.


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