Double-check your clothes and whether they fit you perfectly!

Whether it was mentioned by Mark Twain or Shakespeare we always knew ‘The Apparel makes the Man’. This phrase is more current than ever – for male and female. In the time of increasing visual communication through social media, where almost every experience is publicised on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the clothes we wear and how they fit – the way we look is more than a first impression. Looks are part of our success and failure and define our communication to the world around us.

Perfectly fitted clothes can make all the difference – the difference about how you feel about yourself, your level of confidence and the way you are perceived by others. By having your clothes professionally altered you can turn any average suit, dress or designer garment into a bespoke piece of clothing – having an uplifting impact on your appearance. In order to check your wardrobe we would like to provide you with a checklist below. Please remember it is a very personal decision how you wear your clothes.  Style is individual and it is for you to decide whether or not to apply to the rules – or break them – as Alexander McQueen has suggested. Should you have any queries, please do get in touch. Phone number: 020 7498 4360,

the-fitting-pj-bs099_fashio_g_20131211210914Fitting Checklist  

Length of dress and jackets – check your proportions – Golden Rule on separates: 1/3 – 2/3

Trouser length – check trouser break on top of your shoes – half break works well – jeans can be worn longer

Sleeve length on jackets with exceptions for ladies – your sleeve should end at the top of your wrist – 1cm of shirt to be seen

Shoulder widths of jacket or blazer should be sharp especially if formal – if you don’t fit a standard size it needs to be fitted for you personally

Waist line – emphasis on proportions to bring out the best of your body shape

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Above – fitted ladies’ suit 

More Fitting advice for gents, please follow link

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