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When you call us to discuss clothes alterations, we will explain that the starting point for any clothes alterations is a fitting appointment. You will try on your garments and our experienced fitting consultants will advise you in how your clothes can be altered and restyled to fit you perfectly. Whether they are new garments, existing ones or vintage items. In the fitting appointment you and our fitter will work together to refine the finish your look. We can make suggestions based on – how garments are worn – traditionally or latest fashion trends. Ultimately it is you who will make the decision how we finish your clothes. There are rules for how clothes should be worn but if you have a very individual style, they are bound to be broken to express personality and character. 

To fit your clothes perfectly, we need you to bring the right shoes, accessorise and undergarments to make sure the correct length will be applied. Undergarments are important for ladies wear as depending on the type of lingerie you wear will shape the bust and tummy area. 

The fitting appointment is not only an appointment to fit your clothes. It is also a good opportunity to discuss how you would like to manage your garment. For example in the evening – whether you need a bustle to be added for the party in the evening. 


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