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Sep 26, 2016

Do your clothes still make you feel good?

Take advantage of our

Fitting measurementsFree Styling & Fitting consultation throughout Autumn 2016 for all returning customers and refer to ‘Loyal to the perfect fit’

clothes alteration

Allow us to assist you in understanding your wardrobe, helping you to decide whether or not to keep your favourites from the past, or to use or discard nearly forgotten garments taking up valuable space. Contact us for free fitting and styling consultations and refer to ‘Loyal to the perfect fit’, phone 020 7498 4360 or email us at reception@designandalter.com.



  • Length of dress and jackets – check your proportions – Golden Rule on separates 1/3 – 2/3.
  • Trouser length – check trouser break on top of your shoes – half break works well – jeans can be worn longer.
  • Sleeve length on jackets with exceptions for ladies – your sleeve should end at the top of your wrist – 1cm of shirt to be seen.
  • Shoulder widths of jacket or blazer should be sharp especially if formal – if you don’t fit a standard size it needs to be fitted for you personally.
  • Waist line – emphasis on proportions to bring out the best of your body shape.


the-fitting-pj-bs099_fashio_g_20131211210914WARDROBE CHECK for future Autumn and Winter potential? 
‘Your loved garments from the past’
Ask yourself:
Do I still like it?
Will I still wear it?
Will I love it even more if something was tweaked or changed?  
Does it need repairing, alteration or an update?

‘Forgotten jewels in your wardrobe’
Ask yourself:
Why have I bought it?
Why don’t I wear it?
What needs to change for me to wear it more often?
Let us provide you with some ideas to update and finesse your wardrobe by correcting lengths, narrowing shoulders, renewing linings, adding detail, embellishment or fur collars … because …

“Tailoring your clothes makes all the difference.” Emily VanCamp

If you like to find out more, please do get in touch!

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