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Professional  VIP Alteration & Tailoring 

We collaborate with stylists and press offices in London to add the last touch to their VIP clients’ outfits for red carpet appearances. Hence, D&A services provide alterations and tailoring for high profile events such as Baftas, film premieres, fashion shows, awards and VIP summer parties in the capital.  



Appointments: We work by appointment, within which you will be looked after by one of our experienced fitting consultants. You will receive advice on alterations needed to fit your garment well. Afterwards, we provide a price estimate at the end of the fitting for you to decide to proceed with the alteration. Usually, we can offer various solutions to alter your garment; some might save costs. Please ask. 

*Because we aim to alter your clothes to the best fit, please bring your shoes or some with a similar heel height and well-fitted undergarments to your appointment. Fittings are available in our spacious studio or for your convenience at your home address and in hotels in central London. Whatever works best for you.  

Charges: Due to the many styles and finishes, it isn’t easy to provide an estimate on the phone. Firstly, we need to see your garment, the inside construction, and also you wearing it. However, costs for similar alterations may vary, particularly for complex, constructed dresses and heavily detailed designer wear. Our charges, alterations and fittings, are based on the time at a rate of £72 per hour. 


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Gucci Flagship store, London 




Expert Gucci Designer Alterations 

Over the past three decades, Design & Alter specialises in looking after stores of luxury brands and their discerning clients, including and especially the Gucci brand with Gucci alterations. 

As well as hundreds of Gucci clients, Design & Alter supports Gucci’s stores in London, the Gucci Press Office with VIP events including and alongside other shows, Alessandro Michele’s esteemed Gucci fashion show in Westminster Abbey.  

Therefore, this long-standing relationship with the Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci has created for us a vast portfolio of experience in Gucci clothing, ensuring your own personal Gucci alterations will meet the Gucci brand’s immaculate standards. Hence, we maintain the integrity, finish and original look of all Gucci ready-to-wear and couture items. If you have any Gucci tweaks, repairs or gull-scale alterations, trust this to the Gucci experts and specialists. 

With its imaginative and poetic designs, the Italian fashion luxury brand Gucci stands for the highest quality in fashion and tailoring. Gucci is a company with an immaculate heritage, passionate about its stunning fabrics and immaculate finishes. Consequently, Gucci creates distinctive, stylish and classic garments that stay relevant and desirable over a lifetime.  

Therefore, for all your Gucci menswear and womenswear garments, whether brand new, pre-loved or vintage, Design & Alter is your go-to, trusted and specialist alterations tailor: 

We offer home fittings in central London, however, D&A fitting studio and workroom is based in Battersea. Our team of skilled and experienced tailors, seamstresses and consultants look after private clients passionate about clothes in our studio and at home and hotels in central London.


Gucci jacket alterations

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