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Design & Alter does all my alterations. They provide a good customer service and very high quality tailoring service. Thank you!


Managed to get a long loved dress copied. I thought I would never be able to wear it again. Really happy with both the service and the dress.


Design & Alter, High Quality Alteration and Tailoring Services – draft AK

Being established for over 25 years we are one of London’s leading tailoring and alteration services. Stylists and leading fashion houses trust us with their clients’ designer alterations. Our team of 20 experienced and highly skilled tailors, seamstresses, consultants and designers is based in Battersea. We ensure that your wardrobe will be fitted perfectly and carry out:

Dress, Skirt and Evening Dress Alterations

Our fitters and tailors have extensive knowledge in dress making, construction and evening dress alterations picking up on the tradition of individual seamstresses. They will provide you with valuable insight and advice of how to wear your dress best, of how to enhance the fit by applying your individual body measurements always aware of maintaining the original finish. Complex dress alterations – couture and high end fashion are our speciality. Our sister company Bride & Alter is looking after bridal alterations, wedding dress alterations and bespoke bridal tailoring. www.brideandalter.com 

Altering Clothes, Clothing Alterations, Garment Alterations

Our experienced, skilled and highly-qualified tailors and seamstresses will ensure that your clothes alterations, ladies’ garments or menswear, will be looked after and amended in the most professional manner. We will shape the garment and achieve the perfect fit for your body type. Whether it is the shortening of a hem, taking in a waist or providing additional room in the garment, this is the craft we specialise in. Clothing alterations are quite different to tailoring and the skill of the alteration lies in the expert fitting, attention to detail and the perfection of the execution. We work on the basis of maintaining the original finish, style and proportions of a garment – particularly important with designer clothes ensuring the integrity of an item.

Coat Alterations, Suit, Jacket and Trouser Alterations, Shirt Alterations

D&A is well known for its experience and excellence in all formal clothes and dress alterations to the extent that the alteration will not be noticeable. One of the most common alterations is the professional shortening of the arm and leg length. To preserve proportions and the integrity of the design, this often requires the alteration of other dimensions and finishes, moving buttons, buckles or even a change of length in the sleeve cap of a garment. We regularly alter waistlines, collars, cuffs, pockets, in-seam pockets, shoulders and re-new jacket and coat linings, shortening and tapering of trousers is standard.

Jeans Shortening and Alterations

With such a variety of different styles and brands available, the ultimate jeans alterations should follow the brand’s requirements and not be noticeable in thread colour, in stitching and finish. We offer a high quality alteration service doing exactly that – keeping the integrity of the original. If you are in doubt of the finish you are looking for, Design & Alter has a range of sample jeans finishes to choose from. This will help to make your favourite jeans look like they have been made for you. We offer distressed and antique finishes. More … 

Vintage Re-Styling, Restoring, Preserving

If you are the person who enjoys vintage clothes, we can help you to finish off your look. We would take great pleasure in supporting you and some members of our staff are vintage fans themselves. We alter vintage and family heirloom garments, restore and preserve inherited wedding dresses. 

If you are the type of person who loves to wear garments for a very long time and feels one of your old favourites like a trench coat or an inherited suit would benefit from an update or some restyling, please do get in touch! It often does not take much to revamp an item and extent the life span of an old favourite. Small alterations like lifting a waistline, re-adjusting of shoulders or simply shortening a hemline can make a huge difference. Before you kick out a much-loved or expensive designer items, please do get in touch to explore your options. Should there be no hope and your favourite garment is falling to pieces, our made to measure department might be able to replicate it for you! 

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📸Wide legged silk satin trousers by @therow #designandalter #designeralterations ...

We alter for people passionate about their clothes! 🔥
So many of our clients love their garments and get joy from wearing them everyday. They understand that putting on clothes that fit, creates a real sense of feel-good, a kind of self-care.

Have you ever had your clothes altered? 👀 Book your appointment via link in bio! 👆🏼

📸And just as our clients, we love clothes too! Photos: The doers, a series of busy hands, close-ups in the workroom.

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@alessandro_michele THANK YOU for your inspiration!

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Incredible, these three Pucci dresses; we take in the sides to fit them well.

We alter vintage garments professionally to keep the integrity of the original and protect the value.

📸 Vintage Pucci dresses in satin-crepe @emiliopucci

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