Lisa Armstrong, fashion editor of the Daily Telegraph, who throughout her career has written for the likes of Elle, British Vogue, The Times and The Independent, is well aware of the benefits of well-fitting clothes.

In a recent article for the Daily Telegraph she used the disastrous example of the esteemed Duchess of Cambridge and her ‘wedding doppelganger’ to discuss the benefits of a correctly-fitted outfit. With side by side images of two nearly identically-dressed women, it was clear “that the DoC came out of that sartorial disaster on top.”

The reason, explains Lisa, is that the DoC has “a team who tweak her clothes so that they fit perfectly, and it’s a practice anyone can tap into.” And she is spot-on! Very few women have the exact same shape as a standard size 12, for example, so off-the-peg clothes are rarely going to offer anybody a perfect fit. So what was Lisa’s verdict? :-

“Every woman should cultivate some version of a dressmaker, whether it’s through her local dry cleaners, or a chi-chi service such as Designer Alterations.”

Lisa, we’d struggle to put it better ourselves! Although, we should like to think that our service is affordable and to a higher quality than the average high street dry cleaner! And, if you truly want your clothes “pimped” we are here to pimp, nip or tuck, whatever is required to get the best result. Please note, Designer Alterations is now pimped as Design & Alter.

Read the full article here.

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