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‘Fashions fade – style is eternal’ Yves Saint Laurent 


Design & Alter is well known for its experience and excellence in tailoring and ladies’ trouser alterations. Our tailors are professionals who are skilled to maintain and reapply the finish of the original making the alteration unnoticeable. This might not be important for all garments but most definitely for designer and high quality clothes. Hence we are very conscious about the finish of any trouser alterations. Whether it is the colour and quality of thread, the type of stitching or any additional details; original bindings will be reapplied and accessorises matched with the best possible outcome for our clients in mind. Designer wear demands a high quality alterations. The first step towards a good trouser fit is an experienced fitting consultant who understands how to pin trousers well. 

One of the most common trouser alterations is shortening trouser hems; this can be done in different ways: Design & Alter has a range of finishes available for suit and any other type of trousers. It can help to have an idea of alteration costs in mind when you decide to buy trousers which do not fit the way you want in order to achieve the look which truly expresses your style. 

Trouser alterations | shortening/lengthening hems (we offer a choice of finishes) – tapering trouser legs (full length/half length) – taking in/letting out waist – trouser repairs – pocket repairs – adding belt loops – zip exchange – zip repair – trouser restyling


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Appointments: We work by appointment in which you will be looked after by one of our experienced fitting consultants. They advise you on alterations needed to fit your garments well. At the end of the fitting we establish an estimate listed as a breakdown of alteration steps for you to go ahead with. Sometimes we can provide you with a variety of solutions and some might save costs. Please do let us know your budget. 

Charges: Our charges are based on time at a rate of £60+VAT per hour. Depending on the complexity and construction of your garment, charges may vary. 


Do get in touch if you have any queries or would like to book your appointment

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