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What our clients say …

‘From start to finish, Design & Alter were faultless.’

‘Wow, so impressed with the great skill as well as the great service. You are to alterations what Faberge are to eggs!’

‘The workmanship is perfect – I am really pleased!’

‘My coat fits like a glove and you can’t see a sign of alteration work. Astonishing!’



Choosing Design & Alter

We are a high-quality service that with skill, experience and expert knowledge, can maintain the integrity of your original garment. This is especially important for designer and high-quality garments. Our team of expert fitters and specialist tailors are skilled in complex constructions, leather, fur, all dress styles, and couture finishes. Our made to measure team offer initial consultations to discuss bespoke and inspiring new clothes or variations on much-loved originals. Bride & Alter, the sister company of D&A, specialises in bridal wear – all alterations, new creations and vintage.


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The journey starts with a wedding dress

You are now a loyalty member, and because we are experts in alterations and tailoring, it would be a pleasure to assist you further with your clothes. So, whether it is your formal work clothes, evenings or party wear or outfits for leisure and sports, we will make sure they fit you well to feel at absolute ease.

One of the secrets about clothes is the perfect fit. Once an item fits you well, it makes all the difference in how you feel. Whether you buy your clothes on the high-street or online, it is always worth checking whether an alteration might enhance the look. Take full advantage of all the benefits you are now entitled to.

FREE INTRODUCTORY CONSULTATION – discuss with our team how to improve the fit of your favourite or just-bought pieces. Often minor tweaks can hugely enhance the look and boost your style and confidence.

FREE FITTING VOUCHER – once you have decided to alter your clothes for the best fit, we provide you with a free fitting consultation worth £72.

DISCOUNTS – throughout the year, D&A offers excellent seasonal discounts to make sure your new but also existing clothes are updated and the fit refined. As a loyal client, you will be the first to hear about our discounts to take full advantage.


Ladies’ Wear Alterations

Dress Alterations
Evening Wear & Gown Alterations
Coat & Jacket Alterations
Fur Coat & Fake Fur Alterations
Leather Alterations 
Designer Alterations
Jacket Alterations
Trouser Alterations
Blouse & Top Alterations
Jeans Denim Alterations
Made to Measure & Replications
Restyling & Restoring 
Vintage Alterations
VIP Tailoring Services



Men’s Wear Alterations

Suit Alterations
Jacket Alterations
Trouser Alterations
Coat Alterations
Designer Alterations
Jeans Denim Alterations 
Leather alterations
Designer alterations
Vintage Alterations
VIP Tailoring Services


Bespoke Services

Bespoke Tailoring for Ladies
Bespoke Bridal Wear
Replicating of Garments
Restoring of inherited Garments
Vintage Restyling


Additional Services

Fitting consultations
Professional measurement service


Being established for 30 years, we are one of London’s leading tailoring and alteration services. Stylists and leading fashion houses trust us with their clients’ designer alterations. Our team of skilled and experienced and tailors, seamstresses and fitters is based in Battersea, ensuring that your clothes will be fitted perfectly and you look your absolute best. 

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