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Appointments: We work by appointment in which you will be looked after by one of our experienced fitting consultants. They advise you on alterations needed to fit your dress well. An estimate will be established at the end of the fitting listed as a break down of alteration steps for you to go ahead with. Sometimes we can provide you with a variety of solutions, some might save costs. Pease ask in your consultation. *Please bring your shoes to your appointment or some with a similar heel height. 

Charges: It is often impossible to give you an idea of exact alteration costs without seeing your garment and also you wearing it; in particular more complex and constructed dresses and heavily detailed designer wear. Because of that our charges are based on time at a rate of £60+VAT per hour. Depending on the complexity and construction of your garment charges may vary. 



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D&A is well known for its excellence in formal clothes alterations. We offer designer finishes, including reworking buttonholes and hand-sewn finishes. To ensure appropriate proportions and detailing – perhaps buckles and buttonholes of jackets and coats – we shorten sleeves from the shoulders. Small adjustments like taking in a waistline or the tapering and shortening of trouser legs will sharpen your appearance!

Our qualified, skilled, as well as experienced tailors and seamstresses, will ensure that your garments are looked after and altered in the most professional manner. D&A offers a high-quality alteration service, maintaining the authentic finish, style, and proportions in order to preserve the often-fickle integrity of the original. This is particularly important for designer and high-quality garments.

Experienced fitters will fit your garments at D&A Front of House. The alterations and tailoring work will be done in our studio; 10 minutes walk away from the arches, Battersea. Consistent quality control ensures high standard alterations and tailoring, epitomised by our team’s delicate attention to detail.



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