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We offer a high-quality alteration and tailoring service maintaining the original finish keeping the integrity of the original, particularly important for designer clothes. At D&A we alter your clothes with the original finish in mind. Detailing is kept as the original, proportions are considered – bindings replied, couture garments finished by hand to ensure the distinctive couture look. Once your garment has been altered by our experienced tailor, we double-check and quality control it. We press and get it ready for you to try on one more time before you take it home to enjoy. Altered, especially for you! 



Jeans alterations are part of our standard price list. Charges to shorten jeans start at £25 – £45, depending on the finish. Different styles, construction, fabric, detailing and finishes make offering our clients a standard price list challenging. Therefore, we charge by time at a rate of £72 per hour for fitting, alteration and tailoring services. Contact us to find out more. We sometimes suggest you send us a photograph of your garment and your wearing it. It can help us to provide an indicative estimate of costs.


Jeans alterations | shortening/lengthening hems (we offer a choice of finishes) – tapering trouser legs (full length/half length) – taking in/letting out waists – trouser repairs – pocket repairs – altering waistlines – narrowing/tapering trouser legs, adding belt loops




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Jeans & Denim Alterations


For the everyday look, a good pair of great fitted jeans are one of the most important basics in our wardrobe. Differences in jeans finish, raw or pre-washed and trouser styles are extensive. Prices for a pair of jeans can vary significantly depending on the type you choose. Designer jeans often hold embellishments and detailing. Some authentic ones are manufactured locally and sometimes jeans makers have signed up to an honourable ethical approach. All of this is reflected in pricing. We regularly alter jeans brands such as A.P.C., Gucci Jeans, Armani Jeans, All 7 Mankind Jeans, Levi Jeans, Acne Jeans, Victoria Beckham Jeans, Vivienne Westwood amongst others. 


‘When in Doubt wear a Denim’


Jeans alterations seem to be straight forward and they mostly are. But if you have a good pair of jeans, the finish is crucial. Type of stitching, colour of thread and fabric as well as its heaviness and condition are assembled with a particular look in mind. Each brand has its very own interpretation of its authentic jeans look. However, to effect the ultimate jeans alterations, it should not be noticeable and wholly integral to the overall look of your particular brand. 

Design & Alter offers an extensive range of visual samples for jeans finishes. Classic top stitch and original jeans hem finishes, alteration styles for you to choose of. The aim is to make your favourite jeans look like they were ‘made’ for you, in every sense – in fact to make them look ‘unaltered’ but only you know they are customised! This can include maintaining a distressed and ragged jeans finish if this is what the original pair of jeans suggests. 




Appointments: We work by appointment in which you will be looked after by one of our experienced fitting consultants. They advise you on alterations needed to fit your garments well. At the end of the fitting we establish an estimate listed as a breakdown of alteration steps for you to go ahead with. Sometimes we can provide you with a variety of solutions and some might save costs. Please do let us know your budget. 


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