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Our fitters are discussing potential solutions to an interesting enquiry having sleeves in lace added to a gown. We love these challenges and aim for the best fit for the individual client. If you would like to discuss your wardrobe with our specialists, please get in touch! We currently offer free home fittings - a great opportunity to do this! #alterationspecialist #restyling #beautifullook #londonstyle #seamstress #dressmaking #fashionista #almostnewyear #homefitting #fityourclothes ...

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Design & Alter, High Quality Alteration and Tailoring Services*

Having been established over 25 years ago we are one of London’s leading tailoring and alteration services. Stylists and leading fashion houses trust us with their clients’ designer garments. Our team of 20 experienced and highly skilled professional tailors, seamstresses and consultants is based in Battersea. Private clients are looked after and have their clothes fitted in D&A Front of House, 14 Ingate Place. Design & Alter’s tailoring studio is situated 10-minute walk from the arches, Battersea. However, to provide privacy and convenience we also offer home, in-store and hotel fittings. In order to ensure that your wardrobe is fitted perfectly we offer a wide range of services. 

Alterations – Dressmaking – Ladies’ Wear

Support to accomplish your style!

D&A perpetuate the tradition of seamstresses who have fitted dresses to perfection. Our team of dressmakers have extensive knowledge in not only alterations that are simple but also those of complex dresses with bodice, boning and corsets. We offer dress alterations for day-, cocktail- and evening dresses. Our commercial clients are high fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Hermes, only reiterating the experience and expertise D&A dressmakers have in couture and high-end fashion garments.


Ladies’ Wear Alterations


Wedding Dress & Bridal Alterations 

Bride & Alter, the sister company of Design & Alter, is specialised in bridal and wedding dress alterations. We tailor made-to-measure bridal wear, restyle and restore vintage bridal. For more information visit: www.brideandalter.com 



Dress Re-Styling, Restoring, Preserving

‘I love Vintage!’

Sometimes it does not take much to update, renew or revamp the look and life span of your garments. Lifting a waistline, readjusting the shoulders or shortening the hemlines of an old favourite may just save it from retirement. Quality clothes turn into classics and rarely run out of date. Contact us to enquire – 020 7498 4360.

If your signature garment is falling apart our made-to-measure department can replicate it in any chosen fabric and colour.


Evening Dress & Gown Alterations

Accomplishing your style!

Design & Alter offers alterations of couture garments and dresses in sequinned, beaded and embellished fabrics. These beautifully rich and luxurious fabrics require tailoring skills, patience and time. Many steps are done by hand and are ought to truly make a lasting impression! More on Dress Alterations 

Alterations of Online Buys

We regularly run promotions on clothing alterations of garments bought online with Net-a-Porter, Mr Porter, Machesfashion and other online sales platforms. For more information, please ring us on 020 7498 4360. 

We offer home and hotel fittings for your convenience! 



Fur & Leather Alterations


If your leather jacket, trousers or skirt need to be altered, repaired or restyled we have specialised tailors and machinery for fur and leather restyling, alterations and repairs.

D&A recommendation: Use professionals for leather and fur alterations, faulty alterations are often unsalvageable; wrong stitches in leather are visible forever. More on Leather Alterations


Alterations – Tailoring – Men’s Wear

D&A is well known for its excellence in formal clothes alterations. We offer designer finishes, including ‘working buttonholes’ and hand-sewn finishes. To ensure appropriate proportions and detailing – perhaps buckles and buttonholes of jackets and coats – we shorten sleeves from the shoulders. Small adjustments like taking in a waistline or the tapering and shortening of trouser legs will sharpen your appearance!


Men’s Wear Alterations

Additional Services


Altering Clothes, Clothing Alterations, Garment Alterations

Be more confident – you look and feel better in well-fitted clothes!

Even within the context of smaller alterations like taking in a waistline, tapering trouser legs or the restyling of a neckline, professional modifications can make a huge difference to your look! For any queries, please ring 020 7498 4360.

D&A offers a high-quality alteration service, maintaining the authentic finish, style and proportions in order to preserve the often-fickle integrity of the original. This is particularly important for designer and high-quality garments.



Designer Alterations

The crucial Attention to Detail

Why are designer clothes more expensive than non-designer clothes? Sometimes it may be hard to comprehend. Apart from paying for the brand name there often is irrefutably a difference in quality, detail and finish; beautiful not only from the outside.

D&A offers a high-quality alteration service that maintains the finish, style and proportion to ensure that your garment looks, feels and fits ‘designer.’ More on Designer Alterations 

Quality Control:  Before any garment leaves the Workroom or Front of House, it will be quality controlled – rigorously! 


Jeans Shortening & Alterations

Differences in jeans styles and the shortening alterations are tremendous – some might think it is an easy alteration, and the cheap ones are. However, to effect the ultimate jeans shortening, it should not be noticeable and wholly integral to the overall look of your particular brand, both in colour and stitching. Design & Alter offers an extensive range of visual samples for jeans shortening – classic and original finish – alteration styles for you to choose and to make your alteration look perfect. The aim is to make your favourite jeans look like they were ‘made’ for you, in every sense – in fact to make them look ‘unaltered’ but only you know they are customised! This can include distressing and maintaining distressed jean brands. More on Jeans Alterations 


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