What our clients say …


‘From start to finish, Design & Alter were faultless.’

‘Wow, so impressed with the great skill as well as the great service. You are to alterations what Faberge are to eggs!’

‘The workmanship is perfect – I am really pleased!’

‘My coat fits like a glove and you can’t see a sign of alteration work. Astonishing!’

Why choose Design & Alter?

We might not be the cheapest but one of the very best alteration services in London providing an outstanding tailoring quality. We aim to always maintain the original finish, style and proportions; this is particularly important with designer garments – enhancing rather than altering.

You and your garments will be looked after by our team of knowledgable and experienced fitters and specialist tailors skilled in tailoring of complex fabrics, styles and couture garments including bridal and made to measure.

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The 10% Shortening/Lengthening Advantage

10% Discount on your full alteration charges if the alterations include any type of shortening or lengthening of your garments. It can be shortening/lengthening of trouser hems, jacket sleeves, dress lengths, coats or changing the overall length of a jacket, coat or shirt/top. Any other type of additional alterations will be discounted as well! 




Just-bought-promotion open to all clients – fitting charges included – D&A Ts&Cs apply
 *Offer ends 28 February 2018

Being established for over 20 years we are one of London’s leading tailoring and alteration services. Stylists and leading fashion houses trust us with their clients’ designer alterations. Our team of 25 experienced and highly skilled tailors, seamstresses, consultants and designers is based in Battersea ensuring that your wardrobe will be fitted perfectly. We carry out:

Altering Clothes

Our experienced, skilled and highly-qualified tailors and seamstresses will ensure that your clothes alterations, ladies’ garments or menswear, will be looked after and amended in the most professional manner. We will shape the garment and achieve the perfect fit for your body type. Whether it is the shortening of a hem, taking in a waist or providing additional room in the garment, this is the craft we specialise in. Clothing alterations are quite different to tailoring and the skill of the alteration lies in the expert fitting, attention to detail and the perfection of the execution.

Dress, Suit and Shirt Alterations

D&A is well known for its experience and excellence in all formal clothes alterations to the extent that the alteration will not be noticeable. One of the most common alterations is the professional shortening of the arm and leg length. To preserve proportions and the integrity of the design, this often requires the alteration of other dimensions and finishes, moving buttons, buckles or even a change of length in the sleeve cap of a garment. We regularly alter waistlines, collars, cuffs, pockets, in-seam pockets, shoulders and re-new jacket and coat linings.

Jeans Shortening and Alteration

Differences in jeans styles and the shortening alterations are tremendous – some might think it is an easy alteration, and the cheap ones are. However, to effect the ultimate jeans shortening, it should not be noticeable and wholly integral to the overall look of your particular brand, both in colour and stitching. Design & Alter offers an extensive range of visual samples for jeans shortening – classic and original finish – alteration styles for you to choose and to make your alteration look perfect. The aim is to make your favourite jeans look like they were ‘made’ for you, in every sense – in fact to make them look ‘unaltered’ but only you know they are customised! This can include distressing and maintaining distressed jean brands.

Dress Re-Styling, Replicating and Restoring

Due to ever-changing fashion or maybe a change of your body shape, favourite garments occasionally need updating by re-styling or the adjustment of details. It often doesn’t take much in terms of alteration to update, renew or revamp the look and the life span of your garment. This can include the lifting of a waistline, readjustment of shoulders or shortening hemlines. In order to evaluate the possibilities and costs, an expert opinion is usually needed. D&A recommends examining your favourite clothes items by getting in touch with us before kicking any much-loved or expensive designer items out. If your favourite garment is falling to pieces, we can replicate it in any chosen fabric or new colour.

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