Or the 100 ways of altering clothes

‘D&A’ aims to maintain the original finish 

We are crazy about quality in clothes alterations. Tailors and seamstresses at Design & Alter aim to maintain the integrity of the original garment, promoting the style, proportion and the finish of the original design. We alter French seams on transparent garments as French seams. Distressed look on fabrics will be maintained and our tailors finish hand finished hem by hand. Each sewing technique establishes a very distinctive look. If possible we use original haberdashery to support brands. A preservative approach in alterations might not always be the cheapest option. Overall the idea of an alteration to a new original garment is to enrich, making it bespoke and turn it into your very own. Our quality control is rigorous and perfection lies in the detail.

Quality alterations Quality Alterations







For any high quality, designer clothes, your signature pieces, we recommend to choose a tailor by profession. Perfected finishes outside as well as on the inside of a garment. There is a place for quick alterations, purposeful on the superficial level in proportion to the value of a garment. 

When to choose budget tailors and when to invest in professionals

Occasionally upset clients drop in clothes, which has been altered faultily by budget tailors. We can often retrieved it but sometimes we can’t. It does not seam immediately apparent to spend extortionate money on garment alterations in proportion to the actual retail price. But let us remind you that an alteration is not only about making your clothes fit but also about maintaining the value of your garment. A professional alteration should be invisible and appear no different to the original but be immediately tangible. when you wear the altered jacket, trousers, dress, skirt or shirt; there should be a feeling of the difference it fitting your person perfectly. There is no point in buying quality clothes if you do not have them fitted to seriously look good!

Quality alterations Quality Alterations









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