Alteration types on leather garments: Jackets & coats: shortening jacket/coat – shortening sleeves – taking in waists – narrowing shoulders – adding appliqués | leather trousers alterations: shortening hems – taking in waists – tapering legs | leather skirt alterations: shortening skirt – taking in waists 




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Specialist Leather Alterations

Specialist Leather Alterations

We have specialist and experienced tailors who have the skills and talent to alter leather jackets, coats, trousers, skirts and dresses. Our workroom is equipped with the machinery to finish a job to a very high standard. We work with different types and weights of leather, whether it is lambskin, snake or sheep skin. D&A supports stores and concessions like Billionaires at Harrods and Burberry with their leather alterations. 

Leather alterations can be a challenge as you have only one chance as any wrong stitch will be visible for good. This is a strong reason to use a professional tailor for your leather alterations.



Appointments: We work by appointment in which you will be looked after by one of our experienced fitting consultants. They advise you on alterations needed to fit your leather garment well. An estimate will be established at the end of the fitting listed as a break down of alteration steps for you to go ahead with. Sometimes we can provide you with a variety of solutions, some which might save costs – ask your fitter.  

Charges: Our charges are based on time at a rate of £72 per hour for fitting and alteration services. Depending on the complexity and construction of your leather garment, charges may vary. 


Email us to find out more – reception@designandalter.com

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