Clothing Care Tips: Cleaning

Cleaning preserves your clothes and ensures you dress to impress. The first rule of cleaning is to always read labels carefully and be aware of the signs. If your clothes need dry cleaning, find a good dry cleaner – preferably an independent because they will take...

Clothing Care Tips: Three Wardrobe Essentials

Get back to basics with our three wardrobe essentials Like every job around the house, the right tools are an essential part of keeping your wardrobe spick and span.We suggest these basics for starters. Ironing Get a good pressure steam iron, they’re far better than...

Clothing Care Tips: Save Space

Space counts There must be room in your wardrobe for everything to hang properly. There should be space for long dresses and for trousers to hang upside down, as well as space for shorter items. Stick with the season To get the most from your space, think seasonally....

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