Terms and Conditions

Summary of Terms and Conditions


All fittings are by appointment. It is essential to either keep to the appointed time or inform us of delays or cancellations. We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments if no notice or less than 24 hours’ notice is given for cancellation.

Fitting Fees

Consultation and fitting fees are £60 per hour, with a minimum charge of £15. For home visits a call out charge of £60 applies plus £60 per hour fitting, with a minimum fitting fee of £30. All fitting charges are subject to 20% Vat. 

Estimates and Pricing

Alteration and tailoring charges are calculated by time at a rate of £72 per hour. We estimate your charges after fitting and pinning your clothes. Should our workroom manager then suggest that the costs differ significantly from the given quote, we will confirm with you before carrying out any work.  

Deposits and Payment

Alteration charges are £72 per hour, fitting charges £60+VAT. Before we commence the alteration work, we take a 50% deposit. Full payment is required at collection or before dispatch.  

Completion of Alterations

Alterations are normally completed within five to seven working days unless otherwise stated. We offer an express service as soon as same day for an additional 25% expresses charge. Express alterations need to be confirmed with the workroom beforehand.

Uncollected Items & Disposal

Please note any uncollected items may be sold or disposed of to cover our costs within six weeks of notice of collection, and/or a storage charge may be levied for late collections. We can store bridal gowns and other alterations for longer than six weeks, but storage must be agreed in advance and may be charged for at a rate we will quote.

Insurance and Liability for Clothes

The company will take the utmost care of your clothes. All garments left with us are entirely at the owner’s risk. The company has insurance for garments in its possession to a maximum of £100 per item or £1,000 per customer. 

The company cannot accept liability for clothes damaged whilst in the care of any third party – for example dry cleaners, invisible menders – who are engaged on your behalf. Their terms and conditions will automatically apply.

Work Specification and Defects

A detailed description for each garment will be prepared by the fitter, recording the customer’s measurements and garment alteration instructions (‘The Instructions’) agreed with you. You will receive a copy of ‘The Instructions’ document after the fitting. Upon completion of the work specified, the item will be quality controlled. If a garment is unacceptable to the customer due to the alterations not being carried out following ‘The Instructions’, we will rectify the work at our expense. In addition, we will charge for further alterations that are required. The additional work will be charged accordingly.
The customer is encouraged to try on the garment and immediately inspect it thoroughly for any defects on collection. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any further or remedial alterations connected to the original work more than 14 days after collection and final settlement.

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