‘The occasion is special and dressing for the occasion is an important part of the race-day experience’. This is the message with which Ascot Racecourse introduces one of the highlights of the British Social Events, the annual Royal Ascot (this year: 18-22nd June 2019). Although it initially might feel stressful thinking about and choosing what to wear on the day, it plays a major role in building up excitement and anticipation. Embrace it! Take the challenge! Do some research and have fun! A carefully-chosen, well fitting dress or suit will set the tone, mark the occasion and add to an unforgettable experience. 

For some of the upcoming English social events like Royal Ascot and the Henley Royal Regatta strict dress codes are in place. If not respected visitors will be sent home without any exception. At Wimbledon tennis players are asked to fully comply with white outfits from the moment they enter the tennis court surrounds. This goes as far as underwear and tennis shoes. In contrast to the players and although preferably seen in formal blazers, summer suits and summer dresses there is no formal dress code for spectators at Wimbledon with some of them wearing casual T-shirts and jeans.



Ascot, Dress Policy


Skirts of modest length falling below the knees

Shoulder straps should be minimum 1 inch wide, full length trouser suits allowed 

Hats should be worn, headpieces allowed with base above 4 inches wide

No fancy dress or fascinators allowed


Suit with shirt and tie – appropriate matching colours

Top hat and morning suit in black or grey including waist coat to be worn in the Ascot Royal enclosure

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Design & Alter offers:  dress alterations, suit alterations, morning suit alterations, jacket and trouser alterations – to be perfectly fitted for the races. 

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