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Consultations are by appointment: Wed, Thur 11-08 pm, Fri, Sat 09-06 pm 
Please book via email info@designandalter.com. For cancellations call 020 7498 4360. 
Consultations are available in our STUDIO and your HOME ADDRESS.
We continue to wear face maks to ensure clients’ and staffs’ safety, can we kindly ask you to do the same. Please read our guidelines.  

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It is cold out there! We alter, tailor, repair and restyle your coat and winter jacket! Receive 20% discount on relining and restyling your coat. Wear your clothes longer
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The owner of these very cool vintage swimming trunks takes advantage of our menswear promotions, 25% discount getting them repaired and restyled.
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We alter designer clothes and love the challenge of working with different textures, finishes und fabrics.

📸 Balenciaga top; the alteration instructions were: take in sides and shorten sleeves. 🪡

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Most mass-produced clothes have machine machines. However, the ultimate fashion and finishes of detailing are applied by hand.

✨ Our signature, at Design & Alter, is to maintain the original finish, style and proportions to keep the integrity of the original which is essential for designer alterations. It is worth investing in your favourite clothes!

📌Remember, we offer a 25% discount on menswear alterations. Take advantage and have your favourite clothes perfectly fitted!

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Autumn is here, and we alter, repair, restyle and tailor your coat to keep you warm and be stylish! 💨 🍁

📌 20% discount on relining and restyling coats and jackets. Wear your clothes longer.

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Some of our jacket tailors specialise in leather wear. We repair, alter and restyle leather jackets so they last you for life.

📌25% discount on menswear alterations including leather alterations. Promotion ends on the 30th of Oct.

To book your appointment, please follow link in bio! 👆🏻👆🏽

📸 @billionaire leather jacket in our workroom. We shortened the sleeves and length.

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What is the secret of every unique fashion look? Boldness, confidence, creativity and the best clothes fit!

📌 To create your best unique look, have your clothes altered. 25% discount on all menswear alterations until the 30th October!

📸 Harry Styles at the BBC

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Is one of the key ingredients our fitters need when clients bring in garments that ask for solutions. Our client loved her beautiful velvet jacket but felt she would wear it more often if the sleeves were longer. So we extended the sleeves and continued the detailing. 👀

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Design & Alter, High Quality Alteration and Tailoring Services

Having been established for almost 30 years, Design & Alter is one of London’s leading tailoring and alteration services. The signature is attention to detail and quality. The international team of experienced tailors, seamstresses and dressmakers specialise in the alterations and tailoring of complex designer clothes, evening, fur, and leatherwear. They take care of garments close to your heart and ensure the integrity of the original garment is kept, maintaining the original finish, style, and proportions.

Alterations – Dressmaking – Ladies’ Wear

Support to accomplish your style!

D&A perpetuate the tradition of seamstresses who have fitted dresses to perfection. Our team of dressmakers and seamstresses has extensive knowledge in dress alterations, including alterations of complex evening wear with bodice, boning and corsets. We offer dress alterations for day, cocktail, and evening dresses. Our commercial clients are high fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Hermes, only reiterating the experience and expertise D&A dressmakers have in couture and high-end fashion garments.

Ladies’ Wear Alterations


Wedding Dress & Bridal Alterations 

Bride & Alter, the sister company of Design & Alter, specialises in bridal and wedding dress alterations. We tailor bespoke bridal wear, restyle and restore vintage bridal. For more information visit: www.brideandalter.com 



Designer Alterations

The crucial Attention to Detail

Why are designer clothes more expensive than non-designer clothes? Sometimes it may be hard to comprehend. Apart from paying for the brand name, there often is irrefutably a difference in quality, detail and finish; beautiful not only from the outside. Look at the lining, look at the binding! 

D&A offers a high-quality alteration service that maintains the finish, style and proportions to ensure that your garment looks, feels and fits ‘designer.’ Designer Alterations 

Quality Control:  Before any garment leaves the Workroom, it will be quality controlled – twice – rigorously!


Alterations – Tailoring – Men’s Wear

25% Discount from 01/09-30/10/2021

D&A is well known for its excellence in formal clothes alterations. We offer designer finishes, including working buttonholes and hand-sewn finishes. To ensure designer/original detailing and proportions – perhaps buckles and buttonholes of jackets and coats – we shorten sleeves from the shoulders. Sometimes small adjustments like taking in a waistline or the tapering and shortening of trouser legs can make all the difference in sharpening your look!

Men’s Wear Alterations

Additional Services



Dress Re-Styling, Restoring, Preserving

‘I love Vintage!’

Sometimes it does not take much to update, renew or revamp the look and extend the life span of a garment. Lifting a waistline, readjusting the shoulders or shortening a hemline of vintage or an old favourite may just save the item from retirement. Quality clothes turn into classics and rarely run out of date. To enquire – 020 7498 4360.


*We offer a 20% discount on restyling and relining alterations to support more sustainability in fashion and to encourage wearing clothes longer.

Custom made: If your signature garment is falling apart, our made-to-measure department can replicate it in any chosen fabric and colour. Made to measure 

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Shopping for signature pieces and why you need them

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Front of House – where we are fitting your clothes

Front of House – where we are fitting your clothes

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Crazy about Quality in Clothing Alterations

Crazy about Quality in Clothing Alterations

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Fitting Advice

Fitting Advice

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